A zine about apologies, why I've been so bad at them, and why you might be bad at them too. It talks about moralism, forgiveness, good apologies, bad apologies, and building apology positive environments.
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (2021)
DIVERGE (2018)
This zine focuses on artists of color who diverge from the mainstream. The zine includes interviews with Bibi Fadlalla, Naomie Pieter, Sol Miranda, and Folami Bayode.
Kiki With Family: Celebrating the Dutch Ballroom Scene (2017)
This zine gives a brief introduction to the Ballroom (voguing) scene, and documents the Dutch scene. The zine includes interviews with Overall Eurasian Mother Marina Ultra Omni, Overall God Mother Makaba Angels Garçon, Mezhgan Garçon, and Father Typhoon Angels.
It's No Big Deal: A Conversation on Non Binary Identity (2017)
This is an educational zine that takes the scariness out of coming out as non binary, and instead asks communities to come into trans lives with love and understanding. It was written quite some years ago and a lot of my opinions about the topic has changed, but it's still a nice resource.
Blessed Are You: Desire and Subversion in Pornography, Kink Education, and Erotica (2016)
'Blessed Are You' is a zine about non normative representation in sexual media. Basically it's a nerdy queer zine full of resources of alternative porn/erotica :)
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