Deciding to build a community with others is an active choice. That doesn't mean it’s always easy. In this workshop, we will practice what happens when we are finally in conflict and/or confrontation with others. What types of things emerge when we embrace respectful confrontation? What are your own limits within a confrontation? And how can we find the fun in an argument? 
We’ve all seen and experienced some cringe worthy apologies. “I’m sorry but…”, “I didn’t know you were so sensitive….” , “can’t you take a joke?” A bad apology can ruin a friendship, destroy a community, or end a career.

And yet, a bad apology is really easy to make. Pride can prevent us from understanding how our actions affect others. A fear of rejection might hinder an acknowledgement that we may have hurt someone we love.

Learning how to give and accept apologies can create environments where authentic and nuanced relationship building can happen. In this workshop, we’ll think together about what exactly makes a good apology. What can apologies teach us about our own values and integrity? What types of things are you willing to apologize for? What does it take for you to accept an apology? And how can we build apology positive space and futures?
In Collaboration with Yun Lee

Differences can be difficult to navigate. In many community organising spaces, there is an assumption that we hold the same politics, visions, and ideas. This assumption can lead to fractures and distrust within a team or community.

This workshop is about coalition building, and exploring and honouring differences between and within unlikely partnerships. We will share historical and contemporary examples of coalition building, discuss problems we face when organizing collectively, and through various exercises, practice coming up with projects with new collaborators, and seeing how our differences can strengthen the projects we work on together.