Black Trans Joy
The Black Trans Art & Joy Fund is a private initiative that centers community care for Black Trans people (black trans women, black trans men and black trans non binary people) in Belgium and the Netherlands. It also focuses on shifting public narratives of Black trans life from experiences of trauma to experiences of joy.

In collaboration with the queer collective KLAUW, the Black Trans Art and Joy Fund has created a series of six video portraits featuring a variety of Black trans experience. Additionally, a short film (35 minutes) was premiered during Black Achievement Month Den Haag 2021.

Organized in collaboration with Venla Keskinen (Miila Angels 007)

PLAYGROUND is a monthly vogue event for all the voguers and ballroom kids. PLAYGROUND is a safe space, where practice takes place in a club environment instead of a dance studio. It is a space for the growing and glowing ballroom community and for voguers to come together, share, learn, try, fail and most importantly vogue downnnn.

Photos by Naomi He-Ji
Organized in collaboration with Fyn van Ast and Hêja Güler

Take Care Take Out is an initiative for the Trans* community by the Trans* community. We are focused on community building through eating together.

TCTO organized a dinner delivery service during the COVID 19 lockdown, and had an in-person event during Halloween. In-person events feature a three course meal, games, and prizes from community partners.